Introducing Growlink One

The new generation of Growlink Controllers

Growlink One controllers provide increased performance, capacity, productivity, and security to help meet the growing demands of high density sensors networks and sophisticated equipment control in a modern smart farm.
Commercial Greenhouses

Achieve Unprecedented Quality and Yield

With real-time monitoring of all crop conditions and full automation of controlled processes, Growlink allows you to maximize the production of your plants.


The Growlink App turns your iOS or Android mobile devices into the ultimate smart grow command center. It connects directly to your system and allows you to control and manage all of your system’s features, such as lights, temperature, humidity, CO2, cameras, data and so much more.
Vertical Farming

Boost Your Vertical Farm Production

Supporting some of the largest vertical farms in the world, Growlink helps the food you grow on trays or hanging modules to thrive.

Growlink Farmers are using analytics and artificial intelligence to increase crop yields.

Growlink Plant Health AI uses computer vision, deep learning algorithms and sensor fusion to help farmers analyze data gathered from their crops. Its all part of your Growlink Pro subscription.

A comprehensive cultivation platform designed for controlled-environment agriculture

Talk with our agrotech experts to see how Growlink can make your operations more efficient and profitable.