Growlink Technology

Our smart farm tech solutions draw from management information systems, precision agro-management tools, and advances in automation.
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Environmental Monitoring
Environment Monitoring | Growlink
Precision Irrigation
Smart Irrigation | Growlink
Nutrient Dosing
Smart Nutrient Dosing | Growlink
Commercial Greenhouses

Achieve Unprecedented Quality and Yield

With real-time monitoring of all crop conditions and full automation of controlled processes, Growlink allows you to maximize the production of your plants.


The Growlink App turns your iOS or Android mobile devices into the ultimate smart grow command center. It connects directly to your system and allows you to control and manage all of your system’s features, such as lights, temperature, humidity, CO2, cameras, data and so much more.
Commercial Cannabis Cultivation

Maximize Your Product Quality

Advanced environment, irrigation, and nutrient control systems provide you with the control and repeatability needed to produce your best product.
The only controller you need to run all your grow equipment

Growlink Grow Room Environment Controller

Monitor environmental conditions and control devices such as lighting, exhaust fans, curtains and vents automatically, all from a single programmable controller.
Vertical Farming

Boost Your Vertical Farm Production

Supporting some of the largest vertical farms in the world, Growlink helps the food you grow on trays or hanging modules to thrive.

Talk with our agrotech experts to see how Growlink can raise your game.