About Vertical farming

Shrinking Spaces, Increasing Year-Round Demands

With ever-increasing urban populations, the need for better crop yields, and wildly varying weather, the vertical farming industry is rapidly growing to meet consumers’ demand for products year-round.

Why Vertical Farming?

Your Opportunity

Anyone can get into the vertical farming game:

  • The vertical farming market is estimated to reach $5.8 billion by 2022
  • Not susceptible to the whims of weather, you can produce foods year-round
  • Small, urban spaces are viable options for your operation
Opportunities for Vertical Farming

Get There with Smart Farm Tech

Smart farm tech is designed to increase crop production in vertical farming to maximize your income.

That’s because precision agro-management tools allow you to make even the most minute adjustments in irrigation, lighting, humidity, and soil. Pair this with reporting, so you can see trends and what’s working (and what’s not), and you can make the most efficient, effective changes to your operation.

Smart Farm Tech

Boost your vertical farming capabilities with smart farm technologies.
Schedule your operational tasks, such as watering and fertilizing, in advance so you can focus on running the business, not timers and temperatures.
Automate your systems to respond to environmental factors and alert you 24/7 when changed conditions require intervention.
Collect data for better insight into your operation and discover the best, most cost-effective techniques to continually improve your yields.
Access all the data from your operation, including live feeds via a smartphone app, for anytime, anywhere monitoring.
Growlink Technology

Why Growlink for Vertical Farming

By allowing you to better control the conditions of your indoor space, Growlink enables your vertical farm to thrive.

Use Growlink to:

  • Address irrigation, lighting, humidity, and soil condition needs
  • Automate controlled processes and monitor conditions 24/7
  • Achieve unprecedented quality and outstanding yields year over year

Talk with our agrotech experts to see how Growlink can raise your game.