Designed to simplify and perfect nutrient dosing.

Monitor everything in real time

Visual dashboard shows the system’s current status. See which recipe is feeding, the pH and EC values, flow rates, system pressure, and all your nutrient levels and cost.

Georg Fischer Probes
TDS and Dual pH Georg Fischer probes. Quick Calibration.
SEKO Dosing Pumps
Powerful microprocessor technology guarantees dosing accuracy.
High Resolution Flow Meter
Immediate dosing for all flow rates, system pressure and watering times.

Easily program recipes in ml/gallon

Enter your recipe in ml/gallon and set a target PPM.  Growlink will automatically throttle up and down to hit your target PPM.
Program up to 64 recipes, make adjustments on the fly. Quickly adjust TDS and pH.

Batch Method
Growlink was designed to prepare, stabilize, and deliver user defined recipes to specified batch tanks. Automate this process with tank level sensors and batch schedules.
In-Line Injection
In-line injection is generally more popular than dilute tank systems since it does not require large holding tanks and offers more flexibility.
Automated Fertigation
The Growlink fertigation system manages nutrient dosing and irrigation valve control from scheduling or soil moisture sensors or a combination of the two.

Analytics to make you smarter and your plants stronger.

Easy to understand reports provide actionable insights to help drive down input costs, and increase profit and yield. 

High Flow Rate Solutions
Option to use HE Anderson injectors on systems with high flow rates.
Provides Fast and Accurate Fertilizer and Acid Control
16 Channels for nutrients, additives, base and acid.
Custom Solution
Growlink builds custom solutions for any feed application.

Remote Access with the Growlink App

Manage your facility from anywhere with mobile device or PC.

Easy to Install

Drop-in units are ready for immediate use. Requires only in/out plumbing connections, line voltage power and network connection. 

Easy to Operate

Feed memory intelligence for immediate response and the highest dosing accuracy and safety.

TDS & pH Targets

System throttles up and down to hit EC and pH targets for each recipe. 


With just a single moving part, these diaphragm pumps are virtually wear-free and require no lubrication of bearings or shafts, minimizing maintenance requirement and repair costs.


Improves both crop yield and quality by ensuring precise EC and pH control.


Fast ROI.  A single system can feed an entire facility. A single system injecting nutrients, minimizing energy consumption while conserving labor, water and fertilizer

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