Mission Nurseries Cannabis Greenhouse Technology | Growlink Case Study

“Because of the Growlink analytics, I immediately adjusted my strategy for hot summer days”

Mitch Davis – Mission Nursery

Use of Growlink Environment Controller

  • Ensures the best controlled climate for cannabis crop,
  • Provides more insight for equipment optimization
  • Increases yield and improves quality.

Mission Nursery produces the highest quality branded SuperClones as well as teen plants and ready-to-flower plants for licensed California cultivators.

Mission Nurseries grows cannabis in a dozen greenhouses in Northern California. Yields and quality were good, but inconsistent, among the greenhouses. In order to find out what works and what doesn’t, they needed more data. Mission turned to Growlink for a customized solution including monitoring, data analysis and controls.

Mission Nurseries installed the Growlink Shielded Environment Controller in each of their greenhouses, which measures temperature, humidity, CO2, VPD and light levels. They also installed Growlink Pro Relay panels to control heaters, lights, vents, CO2, light deprivation, foggers and dehumidifiers. Finally, they installed Growlink Nutrient Controller in the pump house to monitor and maintain pH in over 6000 gallons of RO water from an onsite well.

Data collection began immediately. Graphs are available in the Growlink App, showing levels over the past 10 minutes, hour and day with the high and low points reached. More advanced analytics are available in the Growlink BI portal.

The next step was automating the system. Set points were programmed to manage temperature and humidity levels controlling, heaters, foggers and shading to ensure the best possible growing conditions.  Schedules and sensor triggers were set up for lighting. During periods of low ambient light levels Growlink will increase supplemental lighting during the day wherever levels fall below a predetermined set point, and to extend the lighting duration period. Every device in the greenhouse was configured with rules, either a schedule, trigger or timer. They built two complete grow programs, one for Veg and one for Flower, that they can switch between as needed.

Automating with Growlink has allowed Mission to improve labor and production.  Employees can monitor the conditions in every greenhouse from a single location, only needing to be hands on when anomalies occurred. Alerts are programmed to go off at trigger points when conditions fall outside of accepted parameters.

The data collected provided new insights into details of the plants’ growing process, creating opportunities for improvements. According to Mitch Davis of Mission Nurseries, “Each incremental optimization adjustment leads to improved quality and yield. Because of the Growlink analytics, I immediately adjusted my strategy for hot summer days.”

Mission Nurseries Cannabis Greenhouse | Growlink

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