Designed to simplify and perfect nutrient dosing.

The Growlink fertigation controller is the easiest to use, most powerful fertigation system designed to work with Etatron Injectors for both batch tank and direct feed applications.
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Perfect EC/pH Control
Improves both crop yield and quality by ensuring perfect EC and pH control.
Batch Method
Ensures very precise and homogeneous nutrient dosing for greenhouse crops.
In-Line Injection
Always injects a uniform quantity of nutrients while performing perfect EC and pH control.

Highest dosing accuracy at any flow rate.

The Next Generation of Metering Pumps Etatron takes solenoid metering pumps to a new level. Along with being easy to use, highly reliable, and compact in size, Etatron pumps provide constant dosing, are energy saving, and the low operating temperatures result in reduced mechanical stress.

Rapid ROI
Requires minimal investment with rapid ROI.
Provides Fast and Accurate Fertilizer and Acid Control
16 Channels for nutrients, additives, base and acid.
Easy to Programming Recipes
Schedule up to 64 recipes, make adjustments on the fly. Quickly adjust TDS and pH.

Easy to install and operate

Easy to assemble schedule 80 wall mount kits for intake, injection and monitoring. Signet sensors for flow, temp, pH and TDS.

Analytics to make you smarter and your plants stronger.

Visual dashboard shows the system’s current status. See which recipe is feeding, the pH and EC values, flow rates, system pressure, and all your nutrient levels.

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Growlink is a leading provider of data driven farm automation and networking systems for greenhouse and indoor vertical farming.