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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy This is the Privacy Policy for Growlink as well as our subsidiaries and affiliates (“we”, “us” and “our sites” or “our Devices” and note we trade as “SnapAV”, or “Control4” as applicable). It is addressed both to the users of our products and services (“End Users”), and our authorized independent dealers and integrators […]

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Nutrient Burn is Bad for Plants

Nutrient Burn dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi ut eleifend quam, eget efficitur ante. Vivamus est urna, tincidunt in erat sit amet, mattis finibus velit. Aenean rutrum at tellus quis varius. Maecenas eu justo sed enim sagittis ornare. Cras eros turpis, pulvinar eget nisl consectetur, scelerisque suscipit libero. Donec tempus sapien ac blandit condimentum. […]

How To Spot And Resolve Nutrient Burn

Nutrient Burn – How to Spot Overfertilization and Nip “Nute Burn” in the Bud One common problem that many indoor growers run into is the leaves of their plants browning, curling, and drying out around the edges. The most likely cause is nutrient burn – or “nute burn,” as it’s commonly referred to in the […]