Commercial Cannabis

The Domain of Serious Agriculturalists

Cannabis has become a lucrative business for professional farmers, working in greenhouses and on outdoor plots. Savvy entrepreneurs are also taking advantage of an expanding market, launching startups and successfully competing with larger enterprises.

Why Cannabis as a Crop?

Your Opportunity

Cannabis represents a significant opportunity for growers of all sizes:

  • The medical marijuana market is projected to reach $50 billion by 2026
  • Medical and recreational use continues to grow
  • Legislation continues to relax
Opportunity for the Cannabis Grower

Get There with Smart Farm Tech

Whether you’re just getting started or want to continue to establish yourself in the increasingly professionalized world of cannabis cultivation, smart farm tech can help you achieve your goals.

Tech solutions can help you manage environmental factors, improve yield, and reduce labor to ultimately cultivate the high-quality THC products your customers demand.

Smart Farm Tech

Strengthen your operations when you apply smart farm technologies to your cannabis-growing business.
Schedule your operational tasks, such as watering and fertilizing, in advance so you can focus on running the business, not timers and temperatures.
Automate your systems to respond to environmental factors and alert you 24/7 when changed conditions require intervention.
Collect data for better insight into your operation and discover the best, most cost-effective techniques to continually improve your yields.
Access all the data from your operation, including live feeds via a smartphone app, for anytime, anywhere monitoring.
Growlink Technology

Why Growlink for Commercial Cannabis

Our smart farm tech solutions draw from management information systems, precision agro-management tools, and advances in automation and robotics.

The integration of all three helps you:

  • Address irrigation, lighting, humidity, and soil condition needs
  • Maximize your quality and yield year over year
  • Scale up quickly and efficiently to keep pace with the expanding industry

Talk with our agrotech experts to see how Growlink can raise your game.