Growlink Farmers are using AI to increase crop yields.

Growlink Plant Health AI BETA uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Sensor Data to track and predict plant health.

Monthly Data Points


Active Devices

We collect large amounts of data from our environment, irrigation and fertigation controllers. Then we combine this data with high definition and infrared camera images to understand what is going on. Growlink is easily accessed through any Internet-connected device with native mobile applications or a desktop browser.

Data-powered agronomy

Growlink helps you grow healthier, higher-quality crops. It continuously monitors, enforces and optimizes climate, irrigation, and feed systems. It helps your agronomists plan with more precision, and, furthermore, allows more producers to benefit from the collective knowledge and experiences of other producers.

Predictable, optimized yields

With up to 95% accurate yield predictions, Growlink provides your sales and purchasing teams with accurate supply forecasts. to closely match demand dynamics. It maximizes farm output through optimal variety allocation, planting & harvest planning, inputs selection, and protocol enhancement.

Early Disease and Pest Detection

In greenhouse cultivation, along with the basic parameters of temperature and humidity, disease occurrence is also influenced by the quantity of sunlight, leaf wetness, the growing environment and the outside weather. Growlink uses AI to analysis these factors that affect crop development along with computer vision in order to predict disease and provide early detection of pests.

Growlink Voice

Using Microsoft's Cognitive Services and processing of raw voice files including captured time stamps and location data, users can improve productivity and workflow management, increase documentation accuracy, and gain valuable insights to optimize the use of resources in crop production.

Growlink AI BETA

The Growlink AI betas is available for all Growlink customers. As a member of the Growlink Beta Program, you can help shape Growlink software by test-driving pre-release versions and letting us know what you think. If you’re not already a member, sign up today.